Thank you!

Our First Show on January 6th 2018 was a tremendous success...thanks to our Performers who put their hearts out on stage,  each everyone of you who came to the Theater, took the time to purchase a Live Stream access and shared their experience on social medias. 

We feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to organise such an event.
Thank you very much.

The Concert's replay is available, rewatch it or purchase an access to gift a friend or family!

See you soon online or in Cape Breton for more music!!

Welcome to Cape Trad,

We are a Non for Profit which purpose is to help traditional music artists monetize digital content internationally through an online platform.

Our mission is to drive the production of content, e.g through Live Streaming of concerts, and offering an on-demand platform adapted to the traditional music scene, through which revenue can be generated. An inclusive digital Licensing model satisfying producer and artists will be developed to leverage synchronization license issues upfront and ensure optimal conditions for content marketing.

This approach will help us create a virtuous circle between Artists, content producers and technology specialists.

Our first event featuring major Cape Breton Artists will take place on January 6th in Sydney Nova Scotia, and will set grounds to prove the viability of the project.

Stay tuned as we will add more detailed information during the coming weeks.

Best Regards,
The CapeTrad Team